AUC iOS Workshop Perth

I had the privilege last week to attend one of AUC's iPhone SDK Workshops from the 7-9 April in Perth, Australia. The three-day workshop covered in some detail the skills required to develop for the iPhone / iPod Touch platforms, ending in a development contest to see who could best apply their newfound knowledge.

Specifically, the workshop covered:

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC), Target-Action / Delegation Programming Paradigms
  • Objective-C Primer
  • Using XCode, Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator, and the value of RTFM
  • Structure of Apps, Metadata and Configuration
  • Views, View Controllers and UI Elements (Buttons, Labels, etc)
  • Navigation Controllers, TableViews
  • Touch / Multitouch, Events and the Responder Chain
  • Storage Mechanisms (Preferences, Documents, SQLite DB) and the App Sandbox
  • iPhone Graphics API's: UIKit, Quartz2D, CoreAnimation, OpenGL ES
  • Core Location
  • App Purchases, Push Notifications & Available API's

I had a really great time (barring the flight to Perth, a five-hour bore) in Perth, it was a fantastic city with a great vibe. Much thanks to the staff of the Cliftons Training Center Perth, and a special thanks to Louis and Brock for demonstrating the workshop!


Ice Crystal Formation @ 24,000 ft.

Perth's Skyline

The Author @ King's Park overlooking Perth

iOS Developers-in-Training