DevWorld 2011: Native Web Apps Resources

With advances in the WebKit layout engine continually being brought to the already powerful Mobile Safari, developers can create stunning and feature-rich applications for iOS without needing to go native.  In this workshop, we take a look at the HTML5 technologies specific to Mobile Safari that enable powerful features in your web apps, including: media, web sockets, sensing, canvases, persistent data stores, web workers and offline web apps.

Then, we apply these technologies by building a completely offline web application for iOS using open source technologies.  We will explore MVC, web frameworks, enabling web applications for iOS, offline data, geolocation and other interesting HTML5 technologies.

Please bring a Mac laptop with Xcode 4.1 installed on it. A number of loan MacBooks will be available if you are unable to bring your own.


Disclaimer: You are free to repurpose, modify or extend the code without restriction or provision. Seditious Technologies supplies no warranty should anything at all go wrong or damage incurred.