Good News Everyone!

Thanks to the AUC I was sent to Apple’s worldwide developer conference this year and it was a blast. In accepting the scholarship I in turn would agree to "give back" to the community: software, talks on campus — you know, proselytizing the Think Different way. In my case, I decided to give back by giving a presentation on iOS sensing capabilities at the/dev/world/2010 Developer Conference:

iOS Device Sensing: Technologies & Applications

Speaker: Tristan McNab
Target Audience: Beginner to Intermediate

With the advent of modern semiconductor fabrication techniques sensing devices have now become commonplace in smart phones. The iPhone was revolutionary in bringing accelerometer-based interaction to a wider audience and has been consistently innovated upon with the addition of other sensing technologies – magnetometers, gyroscopes and geolocation/GPS. These sensing technologies have a wide range of applications from simple user interactions to human activity monitoring and augmented reality.

This session will provide a broad overview of the sensing technologies available on iOS-enabled devices, what these sensors can be used for, and issues you’ll need to consider when using sensors in your applications.

Bio: Tristan is a PhD student with the Centre for Wireless Monitoring & Applications at Griffith University after recently completing his bachelor’s degree in Microelectronic Engineering. He is currently working with iOS devices in human activity monitoring, determining the characteristics of and designing software for the iPhone in sport, integrating it into a network-centric data collection and analysis system.

The talk is slated for Wednesday the 29th of September and will be recorded for the convenience of attendees, so look here in the future for some footage of me talking about what iOS has to offer developers dealing with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), personal activity monitoring or even Augmented Reality (AR). This is the first time I’ll be giving such a presentation to a large audience and I’m really looking forward to seeing how well I can pull it off.