WWDC 2011: Empire Strikes Back

I went to Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference last year in San Francisco and it was awesome. Thanks to the Apple University Consortium (AUC), I'm going again this year on the Student Competitive Scholarship. The AUC is a fantastic organisation for Australian university students because they provide training, grants and resources to students, foster a healthy attitude of Apple technologies but not cram the message of BUY APPLE STUFF!!!1 down your throat.

In any case, my learning aims for WWDC in June are a bit different from last year. Last year I was a nascent iOS developer looking for a better knowledge of the platform and luckily for me, the majority of sessions were geared towards iOS. This year, I'm looking to improve my web applications knowledge and low-level iOS programming (OpenCL, optimisation strategies etc).

If I'm lucky, I might even pick up an iPad 2 if the exchange rate holds...