This post formerly appeared on the Cloudlab Blog. Cloudlab was a SAAS product that failed to get traction and wound-up in June '12. It is reproduced here for posterity.


After many months of work, but we're ready to unveil our alpha!

Cloudlab is a numerical processing environment built around cloud storage and cloud computation, but without the nasty parts. You put your data in as JSON1 and process it using ES5 JS bound to native math routines. You can store your tools (scripts) with us, and even execute your tools remotely. Think of it as a hybrid between Matlab, Parse and JSFiddle.

Right now, pricing is cheap (free^). In the future we will price accounts according to a combination of physical storage, computational complexity and API requests.


Be forewarned: this is a public alpha test. We're still working on many things and there are some bugs. If you have data that is essential to you, do not rely on cloudlab (just yet) to manage it for you. Additionally, the server3 may experience heavy periods of traffic and interactive sessions may reset more. This is natural and will go away once we can afford to scale it up.

If you believe you want something like to exist into the future, as a user you can donate to us4 which will fund future development of the software and hosting resources. If you are interested in investing in this operation, please contact this address.

1 API is currently under development but will support more data formats in the future
2 A free account is for life and you get a megabyte of tools and data (each)
3 Yes, a single server
4 Pinboard has something to say on the matter