This post formerly appeared on the Cloudlab Blog. Cloudlab was a SAAS product that failed to get traction and wound-up in June '12. It is reproduced here for posterity.

Developing applications that do interesting things with the potential to make exciting things happen is the bread and butter of the hacker. So with that in mind, we've been working on ways to allow our users the ability to fully harness the platform's capabilities by providing powerful yet simple developer tools.

Just in the past few days we've integrated our REST API into cloudlab. This API provides an easy way to get your tools and data in and out of the system - basic CRUD stuff. Most excitingly, one final endpoint allows you to spawn a virtual instance of the cloudlab environment on the server side, which you can then integrate into your own numerical processing application using cloudlab as the service.

Currently we've only provided a simple .NET library that interfaces with cloudlab, which you can grab on GitHub. We haven't added serialisation / deserialization of the protocol data structures yet, as different JSON providers have different characteristics. This library was developed on Mono and should work in your cross-platform applications (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android via MonoTouch and Mono for Android).

We've also hacked-up a simple command line interface application that uses the aforementioned virtual instance to create a simple REPL. This demonstration application was also developed using Mono and is available on GitHub.

For all of these features you will need your API key which can be found under the Special section of your Account. We're very keen on getting this part right, so if you're a developer and you want to see something implemented or modified or want to create a binding to your favourite language of choice please contact us. We won't bite and we'll give you all the help you need to make it happen.